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OpenAI – Auto Post Articles using GPT3 / GPT4 ( 2023 )

The plugin will connect OpenAI GPT to match your preferred keywords or custom prompts and automatically post articles to your WordPress account.

Auto Import & post content from any Website to WordPress

Any website’s web content, including text, images, products, and videos, can be automatically published on your WordPress website with a single click.

Automatic Posting RSS Feeds on WordPress Website

Import every component including author, tags, featured image, videos, content etc from the RSS feeds of any website on your website in a click.

Auto import & post Amazon products to WordPress

Import product details from Amazon& post them while maintaining affiliate links& data. Woo- Commerce support.

Auto Post anything from Facebook to WordPress Website

You can import information from any Facebook page, profile, or group and post it as new posts on your website. The imported posts can be filtered based on their type, date, and other criteria.

Search & auto-publish multiple web pages to WordPress

WordPress Autopost Plugin’s ability to instantly import and publish multiple web pages from top-ranking websites based on keywords. Additionally, our plugin provides pagination support for an even smoother importing experience.

Auto Post Instagram posts to WordPress

Our feature enables you to automatically extract and publish recent and trending posts from Instagram, including comments and tags. You can filter these posts based on keywords, hashtags, and profiles to ensure that you only display the most relevant and engaging content.

Auto extract & embed YouTube videos

Effortlessly capture YouTube videos based on various attributes such as keywords, playlists, channels, language, categories, and more. Once extracted, easily publish these videos to enhance your website or platform’s content.

Import Tweets & Auto post on WordPress

Simplify the process of fetching and posting Twitter / tweets by selecting keywords, hashtags, or profiles. You have the option to publish these tweets either as plain text or in a visually appealing Twitter card format.

Import & post products from Clickbank to WordPress

Effortlessly gather product details from Clickback and seamlessly display them on your website.

Auto Post jobs from CareerJet on WordPress

Simplify your workflow and save time by automatically importing and organizing jobs according to precise keyword and location filters.

Auto extract & post eBay products to WordPress

Effortlessly retrieve eBay products by either seller name or keyword and retain their affiliate links intact. Our system seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, making it easy to showcase and sell these products through your online store.

Auto Post Craigslist listings published on WordPress

Easily incorporate any Craigslist URL into our system to access a comprehensive collection of relevant listings. Filter and sort these listings to generate a customized list that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

Post products from Envato markets automatically

Import digital products from Envato markets like ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, etc, & post them to their respective affiliate link.

Auto import & post products from Walmart to WordPress

Import products details based on the seller or keyword & then post them with their respective affiliate links with Woo-Commerce support.

Auto Post TikTok videos on WordPress

Experience the convenience of automatically extracting and posting TikTok videos based on hashtags, user accounts, titles, and more. The advanced system ensures that recently published videos are promptly published, saving you time and effort

Auto Post pins from Pinterest to WordPress

Effortlessly gather all desired pins on WordPress with the incredible WordPress Automatic plugin. Whether you search by keyword, board, or profile, this plugin efficiently fetches them all. With its automated functionality, you can seamlessly post these pins in a specific web layout without any manual intervention.

Auto import & post from Reddit to WordPress

Bring in relevant Reddits based on keywords or specific user’s Reddits/subreddits with ease. With this functionality, you can seamlessly import and publish comments, embedded videos, and GIFs directly onto your platform. Enhance your content by adding dynamic elements from popular Reddit threads, keeping your audience engaged and entertained

Auto Post images from Flickr to WordPress

Instantly import images from Flickr based on keywords, profiles, and albums effortlessly. Seamlessly publish these images directly onto your platform in just a few clicks. Additionally, conveniently match the image tags with WordPress tags, ensuring an organized and efficient tagging system for your website.

Import & post Rumble Videos

Rumble videos Iframe can detect any rumble videos in source URL for multipage, single-page and feeds campaigns and embed it automatically to your post.

Auto Post videos from Vimeo to WordPress

Automate the publishing of Vimeo videos by establishing keyword, profile, channel, and album parameters. Enjoy the convenience of having videos automatically posted onto your platform, saving you time and effort.

Auto Publish videos from DailyMotion on WordPress

Simplify the process of embedding Dailymotion videos on your website with automatic integration based on keywords, profile, or playlist. Take advantage of additional features such as importing tags, enabling auto-play, and more.

Auto import & post audios from SoundCloud to WordPress

he WordPress Automatic plugin offers seamless assistance in automatically sharing audio content from Soundcloud on your website, based on your selected keywords, playlists, and profiles. This plugin simplifies the process of posting audio by eliminating manual effort.

Auto Post iTunes elements on WordPress

With the help of this plugin, you can conveniently import and publish various elements from iTunes, including keywords, songs, movies, ebooks, podcasts, and more. Additionally, you have the flexibility to include affiliate links alongside these components.

Search & auto-publish multiple articles to WordPress

The WP Automatic plugin offers an impressive capability to search for remarkable articles on ezinearticles.com based on specific keywords. This plugin enables you to conveniently post numerous articles simultaneously, should the need arise.

Auto Post LinkedIn Jobs on WordPress

Import and auto-post single or multiple LinkedIn jobs on your WordPress website. Apply URLs on a single click while handling the layout of the website.

Auto Post AliExpress Products on WordPress

Auto import from AliExpress using keyword or URL. Import product gallery, images, prices etc. Supports WooCommerce. Affiliate links can be set automatically.

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Version 3.72.0 (14 June 2023):

Upgraded OpenAI gpt-3.5-turbo model to gpt-3.5-turbo-0613, resulting in a 25% cost reduction.
Introduced OpenAI gpt-3.5-turbo-16k model for generating longer content.
Version 3.71.2 (14 June 2023):

Resolved the internal cron issue causing the "license or domain not valid" error message.
Added a tutorial in the OpenAI module tutorials section that explains how to increase the content size.
Version 3.71.1 (8 June 2023):

Added the ability to compare two fields, such as [list_price_numeric] and [price_numeric], in the "Approve/Exclude post if criteria applies" option.
Included a new tutorial in the Amazon campaign tutorials section, demonstrating how to import only on-sale products.
Fixed an issue with importing eBay item descriptions after recent changes on the eBay side.
Resolved the error related to the undefined variable $source_link.
Transformed Twitter filter keywords like "filter:videos" into the backward-compatible "has:videos" format.
Enabled the use of single quotes within the keywords box.

Version 3.71.0 (1 June 2023)

Added: Youtube posts from playlist can now accept playlist URL instead of ID
Fixed: Twitter module now working with the latest API v2
Fixed: Updated the ClickBank module to handle changes from the Clickbank side
Fixed: The price update feature now works for amazon.fr
Fixed: Careerjet full job description extraction now functional again
Added: Tutorial on how to post to bbPress forums in the tutorials section
Improved: Separated options for posting from playlist and channel in the youtube campaign UI
Improved: FB now allows changing page type (Legacy/new page experience) without creating a new campaign
Improved: Run Now button now display errors if any caused the process to fail
Improved: Auto-remove quotes from generated OpenAI titles 
Improved: OpenAI prompt processing in the post template now gets cached in case of timeout errors, not repeating the same call
Fix: Facebook campaigns now download images to the server as FB now expires images links
Fix: Amazon set product description as excerpt now works for the normal post type 

Version 3.70.0 (12 May 2023)

Added the ability to set the regular price and sale price for WooCommerce products on the custom fields section.
Amazon can now overwrite the sale price with the list price on the custom fields section.
Added a tutorial on how to import from a specific site in multiple languages.
Fixed an issue with OpenAI content where it was inserting line breaks instead of br tags.
Fixed an error with Reddit when processing the campaign.
Deleted products on AliExpress now get properly deleted from the database.
Added auto clean for excluded links cache.
Increased the timeout for slow gpt-4 calls to 5 minutes.

Version 3.69.0 (23 March 2023)

Added a new feature to disable plugin front-end scripts and styles that are embedded by default.
Updated the list of supported languages in Deepl and added Korean language.
Included a tutorial in the tutorials section on how to set tags using the OpenAI API.
Resolved an issue where the [gpt] short-code was not working properly in the custom fields section, alongside the [gpt3] short-code.
Version 3.68.0 (18 March 2023)

Introduced support for GPT-4 in the plugin. Users can now modify the OpenAI call parameters and select the desired model.
Added an option to hyperlink specific keywords with specific links for a one-time hyperlink.
Fixed the issue with Amazon product description for books, restoring its functionality.

Version 3.67.2 (13 March 2023)

Resolved issue with Amazon buy now button image not functioning properly

Added a new option in Multi-scraper/Feeds to remove unwanted paragraphs that contain specific text
Version 3.67.1 (9 March 2023)

Fixed an problem where prompt processing stopped working in the previous version (3.67.0)
Enhanced the functionality of Feeds/Multi-scraper to better extract the original author
Version 3.67.0 (8 March 2023)

Introduced an advanced option for OpenAI integration, allowing users to customize temperature, top_p, and other settings for the prompt
Enhancements made to Feeds/Multi-scraper to automatically detect the author name when extracting content
Added a tutorial on generating SEO meta descriptions from content using OpenAI GPT-3

Improved the process of setting a post as pending in Multi-scraper when encountering specific links and failed auto-detection
Resolved the issue with extracting Youtube channel ID for servers located in Europe

Version 3.66.0 (2 March 2023)

Introducing the new ChatGPT gpt-3.5-turbo for OpenAI API requests, now available at only 1/10th of the previous price.
Added an option in Feeds/Multi-scraper to strip images from the content.
Version 3.65.0 (19 Feb 2023)

Now supporting Web Stories import and added a tutorial for it.
Visual selector/XPath in Feeds/Multi-scraper can now return the URL of a link.
Improved the UI in Feeds/Multi-scraper with the addition of a copy rule number button.
Made improvements and fixes to the OpenAI UI for better error handling.
Enhanced the Amazon simulate location feature for better performance.

Version 3.64.1 (7 February 2023)

Added a new feature to PixaBay, allowing users to add post search keywords as featured image alt text
Fixed the issue with Google News after recent changes made by Google

Version 3.64.0 (5 February 2023)

Introduced a new feature in Apify, enabling users to specify a specific wait time in milliseconds before retrieving the result
Added support for setting WooCommerce product attributes through the "add custom fields" option
Added an option to import posts even if they were previously imported from another campaign
Resolved the problem with Google News after the recent changes implemented by Google
Version 3.63.0 (1 February 2023)
NEW: [gpt3]Prompt[/gpt3] shortcode now can be used on custom fields section
NEW: PixaBay new option to add search keyword as featured image alt text
NEW: Option for custom post slug/permalink
NEW: new tag [now] to get current server timestamp
Fix: Translate now protect  shortcode from translation
Fix: Youtube single quote now saved correctly in the database
Fix: Skip the post if the a specific criteria applies now support empty text

Version 3.62.0 (25 January 2023)
NEW: OpenAI article generation prompt now supports the [keyword] tag
NEW: Youtube now can get transcript of imported videos, use tag [transcript]
NEW: PixaBay keyword now supports the [keyword] tag
NEW: Cron option to set number of campaigns to process per cron run

Version 3.61.0 (19 January 2023)

Introducing the Import/Export feature for campaigns
Enhancing the Multi-page scraper/Feeds by adding a new option to remove unwanted parts using Visual selector/XPath
Upgrading the Multi-page scraper original time to support custom REGEX for extraction
Introducing a new option to only import the post if a specific criteria applies
Adding a new option to skip the post if a specific criteria applies and check all criteria
Enabling the Feeds/Multi-Scraper with a new option to search and replace in extracted tags
Introducing an OpenAI feature with an option to only post one article per keyword
Resolving the issue with eBay by now resetting the page number if the last page is reached
Fixing the Multi-scraper to bypass cache for created feed files, especially on OVH platform.

Version 3.60.1 (13 January 2023)
NEW: OpenAI option to use keywords directly for articles instead of generating titles
NEW: OpenAI option to set the post as pending if prompt failed
Fix: [gpt3] shortcode now works for Amazon campaigns
Fix: Youtube skip posts older than a specific minute now generate a dynamic date for search
Fix: Careerjet module updated to get full description again after changes from CJ side

Version 3.60.0 (3 January 2023)
NEW: OpenAI GPT support to create articles and use with any module with shortcode [gpt3] prompt [/gpt3]
NEW: option to translate the content between square brackets
NEW: Facebook events import now set the post date to the event start date if option enabled
Fix: Amazon custom HTML product extraction algorithm improved